Is Josie Cunningham one of the most vile women in the UK?

Josie Cunningham, one of the most hated women in the UK, had a breast job on the NHS despite having no health issues
Josie Cunningham, one of the most hated women in the UK, had a breast job on the NHS despite having no health issues

It was back in March 2013 that Josie Cunningham first hit the headlines in outrageous fashion, as it emerged that she had a £4,800 breast enlargement funded by the tax payer. The disturbing thing here is that this wasn’t leaked to the press by a rogue NHS doctor, but rather she felt the need to pose topless in The Sun newspaper with the accompanying quote “I couldn’t have done it without you”.

Apparently, this was her way of thanking the people who paid for her ‘treatment’ whilst also apologising to those people who were prevented from receiving treatment for real problems. Well, I tell a lie. The second part of that statement was completely made up; for she has no intention of issuing an apology to anyone denied access to potentially lifesaving drugs due to selfish actions committed by herself and others just like her.

If you actually look at the quote, she even appears to be gloating as ‘without you’ includes all the British taxpayers, including those who are seriously ill. To me, that is disgusting. Not only was she posing topless with her new fake breasts which were purchased because she felt insecure about her originally small breasts, but she also doesn’t feel the need to apologise to those cancer sufferers who were denied treatment on the NHS due to budget restraints.

Cancer sufferers like Reece Hawley, who has been told the NHS cannot afford to pay for his £2000 a week cancer drug bill, don’t deserve to be pushed out of the door by the NHS for the sake of a state funded wannabe glamour model. It’s not only an insult to the taxpayers, but also to the founders of the NHS.

When the NHS was founded in 1948 by the great reforming Attlee government, it was given the duty of providing free universal HEALTH care for all UK citizens. By health, what was meant, and still should be taken as a given, was treatment for genuine issues that prevent a person from functioning normally or in a state of pain. People like Reece Hawley should qualify under this, yet somehow they do not.

Instead we see the so called modern inclusive thinking where you only need to ask, and there is a chance you will get, due to the extreme politically correct society we live in stripping away all common sense approaches. Which is ironic, considering it would be more politically correct to treat a cancer patient than it is to give a woman bigger boobs. But yet, the NHS has appeared to not only lost its moral compass, but also its spine.

The only reason Ms Cunningham was given the breast implants was because she asked for them, complaining her real breasts were too small. That is not a health issue – it’s a vanity one.

Breast implants shouldn’t even be allowed on the NHS, unless it’s for breast cancer sufferers as they had theirs cruelly taken away from them.  Just like penis enlargement shouldn’t be allowed, but yet it is for those considered abnormally small. But again, that is not a health issue. It just goes to show that those who put pressure on the NHS get what they want if they can think of a ‘legitimate’ reason, yet people with serious illnesses do not.

The sheer grotesque nature of Ms Cunningham was shown again this week, as it emerged that she has sold tickets to watch her give birth.

Before I sink into the prices she charged and just how wrong that is, you have got to remember that this is a baby that she was going to abort so she could appear on Big Brother! But as it transpired, even the toxic Big Brother wouldn’t go near her after it emerged that she was considering having an abortion, yet again on the NHS.

I don’t know why she didn’t go through with the abortion – maybe it was because, as she claims, she felt it kick and therefore suddenly grew a conscience. Maybe it’s due to the fact she was getting so much bad press about it she felt it would ruin any chance of modelling work coming her way. Or maybe, and in my opinion the most likely reason, is because she saw the potential to make money out of producing DVDs of her giving birth and allowing people to have a ring side ticket during the process.

It was reported a few days ago that her deal with Poundland to distribute those DVDs had fallen through, perhaps a sign of yet another company seeing just how vacuous she is. Or it could just be damage limitation of their part. Either way, it could well mean her attempt to monopolise given birth will not be as successful as she hoped, which is only a good thing.

The thing that shocks me just as much as Josie are the people who call themselves her ‘fans’. People such as Paul Mills-Ash, a grown man who spent his life savings on a £5000 ticket to watch her give birth, who said it will be ‘great to say I was at the birth’. It’s people like him that are fuelling her crusade to fame; a crusade which has no doubt led to her neglecting her two children, if the news that she drank a whole bottle of wine and smoked a packet of cigarettes when finding out she was pregnant with a boy is anything to go by.

So yes, I do believe that this woman is one of the most vile in the country, only short against female killers and paedophiles. Her menacing path to notoriety supports this. I can only say that I really do hope that she changes her lifestyle and actually takes care of this child, although I doubt that this ex-escort and already mother of two will do that.


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4 thoughts on “Is Josie Cunningham one of the most vile women in the UK?”

  1. This was an interesting read! Although it looks like she had been planning to fund the abortion herself. I was wondering what you thought of her claims that she intends to use the money raised from the tickets to her giving birth to ‘repay’ the NHS for her breast enlargement?

    1. Yes I appear to have missed that off! To me, that’s just another attempt to try and win some much needed PR. Let’s face it -she needs all the positive press she can get! But I’m very skeptical there’s any genuine positive reason for it. Thanks for reading! :)

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